Sound of Silence ~ Nobody knows me I

054/18AO-J (Nobody knows me I)
~ Sound of Silence ~ Aktshooting / Renée Nesca / Trier / September 2017 / Foto(s) (c) 2017 by Dirk Mentrop

054/18AO-J (Nobody knows me I)
Model: Renée Nesca

Alternate Black & White
B&W #2
Alternative colored 
Colored #2
B&W #3
A glass can only spill what it contains performed by Me without you
Trier / Treves / September 2017

Foto © 2017 by Dirk Mentrop / Pixeworx

„A cat came drifting onto my porch from the outside cold And with eyes closed, drinking warm milk from my bowl Thought, „Nobody hears me! Nobody hears me! As I crept in so soft And nobody sees me! Nobody sees me!“ As I watched six steps off…“