Sound of Silence ~ Dunkeltraum II

002/18AO-J (Dunkeltraum II)
~ Sound of Silence ~ Aktshooting / Renée Nesca / Trier / September 2017 / Foto(s) (c) 2017 by Dirk Mentrop

002/18AO-J (Dunkeltraum II)

Model: Renée Nesca
Alternate Black & White
B&W #2
B&W #3
Alternative colored 
Baby Götterdämmerung by Monster Magnet
Trier / Treves / September 2017

Foto © 2017 by Dirk Mentrop / Pixeworx

„I read a book today, it made me think of a life I led
It seemed so far away, but then I wouldn’t call it dead
I see a name or two and the ghosts just start to roam
I had ‚em locked away, it seems they’ve cut their own parole…“