Von Bäumen in Wüsten ~ End of me I

483/17AO-K (End of me I)
~ Von Bäumen in Wüsten ~ Aktshooting / Vaalea / Trier / August 2017 / Foto(s) (c) by Dirk Mentrop

483/17AO-K (End of me I)

Model: Fräulein Vaalea
End of me by Wax Mannequin
Alternative colored Version
Trier / Treves / August 2017
Foto © 2017 by Dirk Mentrop / Pixelworx

„So follow me out through grey rain, and darker doubt
Follow me back, coals are red, soles are black
Said you’d follow me to the end of the earth
But the end of me is bound to come first…“